Madō King Granzort <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Mad__King_Granzort_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Plateforme : SuperGrafx</li> <li>Éditeur : Hudson Soft Company, Ltd.</li> <li>Développeur : Mutech</li> <li>Joueurs : 1-2 Players</li> <li>Date de sortie : Apr 06, 1990</li> </ul> <p>Madō King Granzort is based on the anime of the same name. The story takes place in science-fiction scenario in which a few kids get special powers to save the world from the evil Jadou Clan. To be more exact, they can summon three powerful creatures: The Madou kings of earth, water and wind. The player takes the role of those kings to defeat the Jadou Clan.<br /> <br /> The player needs to find the way through the levels while solving basic platforming challenges and a lot of fighting, either with a sword or by shooting. The player can switch between the Madou kings which have different abilities. It is important to look after the energy bar and the time limit: both result in the loss of a life when running out.</p> Action Aldynes <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Aldynes_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Plateforme : SuperGrafx</li> <li>Éditeur : Hudson Soft</li> <li>Développeur : Hudson Soft</li> <li>Joueurs : 1</li> <li>Date de sortie : -</li> </ul> <p>Aldynes est un shmup à scrolling horizontal se déroulant sur 7 niveaux qui alternent tantôt scrolling simple sans obstacle (niveaux 1 et 3) et niveaux se déroulant dans des zones fermées dont les parois sont fatales au moindre touché. Chacun de ces niveaux présente des particularités (parois collantes du niveau 6, le niveau 4 dans lequel on peut tourner en boucle verticalement, le niveau 5 et ses robots montés sur ressors qui vous tombent sur le coin du bec sans crier gare...). Le jeu propose des continues infinis pour el plus grand bien des joueurs.</p> Shoot'em up Daimakaimura <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Daimakaimura_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Plateforme : SuperGrafx</li> <li>Éditeur : NEC Avenue, Ltd.</li> <li>Développeur : Capcom Co., Ltd.</li> <li>Joueurs : 1</li> <li>Date de sortie : Jul 27, 1990</li> </ul> <p>Three years have passed since Arthur defeated the Demon King Astaroth and rescued his beloved Princess Prin-Prin (see Ghosts 'N Goblins). A new villain, the Great Demon King Lucifer (Loki in some versions) has become the new leader of Ghoul Realm. While returning from a journey, Arthur sees the Princess' castle and her village under attack by Lucifer's forces. While rushing towards her beloved knight, the Princess is struck by one of Lucifer's laser beams.<br /> <br /> Now, Arthur must venture back to the Lucifer's palace and destroy the demon in order to rescue the Princess' soul and bring her back to life! And it won't matter whether he fights in his shining armor or in his underwear alone...the bravest Knight in the land isn't going to be stopped by some monsters! Although the game starts with graveyard and marsh territory familiar from the first game, later levels are set in a tower, a mass of skeletons, and a castle.<br /> <br /> Players progress from left to right (from bottom to top in level 3), and have to hack down the aforementioned monsters with a sword. The journey includes ledges, ladders, lava pits and slippery slopes. Different weapons can be collected, by finding suits of armor inside chests. Each of the five stages has its own setting and a final boss.</p> Action Battle Ace <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Battle_Ace_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Plateforme : SuperGrafx</li> <li>Éditeur : Hudson Soft Company, Ltd.</li> <li>Développeur : Hudson Soft Company, Ltd.</li> <li>Joueurs : 1</li> <li>Date de sortie : 30/11/1989</li> </ul> <p>Battle Ace is an action-oriented flight game in a first-person perspective. The player mans a space ship, including a radar which shows enemies, and the goal is to reach the end of each level where an end boss waits. As usually, the main occupation is to blast a lot of aliens which approach the player. The available weapons are bombs and a machine gun, both unlimited. Getting hit is a bad idea because it results in death. The player has three lives which can be raised by scoring 20.000 points.</p> Action